House demolition is the process of removing one or more buildings or structures from a site. House demolition may be necessary for various reasons, such as when the house is too damaged to fix, when living in the house is unsafe, or when the house needs replacing.

AMB Earthworks offers a professional house demolition that can safely and efficiently demolish a house or a part of it. Our house demolition service can also help clear debris and prepare a site for future use.

What is House Demolition?

House demolition is the process of tearing down a dwelling or one or more buildings, often to make way for a new construction. While DIY enthusiasts might be keen to do it alone, take note. It can be not only dangerous but also illegal to undertake a house demolition yourself. You may cause injury to yourself or others, damage the surrounding properties, or encounter environmental hazards that require special handling by skilled professionals. You may also face fines or legal actions if you do not comply with the correct permits, regulations and safety measures required by governing bodies in New South Wales.

Professional house demolition experts ensure safety and legal compliance when they carry out a house demolition.


What is involved in House Demolition?

House demolition can involve a fair amount of effort, so planning, researching, and following the NSW regulations is important. You’ll need to plan for things such as:
A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) and Development Approval (DA) – these are required from your local council in NSW and can be granted via a private certifier. To get approval, you may need to submit a demolition plan, a statement of environmental effects, a work method statement, a neighbour notification, and other documents.

Removal and disposal of asbestos (particularly for older properties) and other hazardous materials and degassing existing air conditioning units. For asbestos, you will need a licensed asbestos removal contractor.
Disconnecting all the utilities such as electricity, gas, water, phone, and internet. You may need to contact the service providers and obtain clearance certificates.
Recycling or disposing of the demolition waste in an approved facility.


How Long Does a House Demolition Take?

Many factors can affect how long a house demolition will take, so it’s a good idea to consult a house demolition professional who can carefully appraise your specific needs and requirements to determine the timeframes and costs of your project.

Some factors that need specific consideration include whether there is any hazardous material that needs to be removed and disposed of, chances of extreme current weather conditions, the building material of the house, how accessible the property is for the removal of debris, and whether there are large trees to remove from the site.

Generally speaking, earthwork experts can complete a house demolition in a few days after receiving approval and the property vacated.


What Size Excavator is Required for House Demolition?

Various-sized excavators are available depending on the type and scale of a house demolition project. A professional earthworker can advise the most suitable machine for the job and provide a quote.

A mini excavator may be sufficient forsmall domestic demolition works, such as removing a shed. These machines are compact and agile, can fit into tight spaces., and can be used for digging and clearing vegetation.

A standard or large excavator may be needed for larger projects, such as knocking down a whole house or a multi-storey building. These machines have more power and reach and can handle heavier and bulkier materials. They can also be equipped with different attachments, such as hammers, shears, or grapples, to suit other demolition tasks.


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