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Why Choose AMB Earthworks for Your Site Levelling?

With over a decade of experience in the industry, our team pairs precision skills with regional knowledge that delivers outstanding results. We offer cost-effective quotes that don’t compromise on quality, making our services accessible to all. Whether you’re a commercial builder, engineer or tradie, no job is too big or small for AMB Earthworks.

What Is Site Levelling?

Site levelling is key to achieving a smooth and even surface for a build or project. This process involves adjusting the land area to meet your project’s precise specifications. At AMB Earthworks, we understand the importance of site levelling in laying the groundwork for success.

Types of Site Levelling Services We Offer

Base preparation

This is the first step in preparing a site for construction. We clear detritus, scrub and rocks and more. AMB clears and removes the debris, so you don’t have to, and we level the area, readying it for the next stage in commercial construction.

Drainage services

Draining is an important part of commercial construction works. If a site gets too much water and can’t get rid of it, it could delay or even stop the construction project altogether.

AMB Earthworks have had a lot of experience in and around Tamworth with commercial construction and the drainage requirements on site.


This is the digging of a narrow trench, done by our excavating teams. If you’re excavating a site and the length of the hole is greater than the depth, it is considered a trench.

These are used for laying foundations, or for plumbing and pipework.

Our Site Levelling Service Includes

Initial Assessment & Planning

We start with your plans to understand your vision for the site. Our team collaborates with your timelines and budget to determine the scope of work and schedule required.

Equipment Selection & Preparation

With the latest GPS technology in levelling equipment and machine control, we can deliver superior results. We use the best tools and equipment for the job, ensuring precise and cost-effective outcomes for your projects.

Continuous Monitoring & Quality Control

We maintain strict quality control throughout the project to ensure you receive the best possible service and ultimate satisfaction with the results.

Safety Protocols

We’re Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) certified members of the New South Wales Civil Contractors Federation. We prioritise a safety-first company culture with rigorous procedures and ongoing training to provide a resilient work environment onsite.

The Levelling Process

Our skilled team handles the site levelling process with expert approaches for every construction and earthmoving challenge we encounter. You can depend on us for efficient project delivery and peace of mind.

Completion and Final Assessment

Once site levelling is complete, we conduct a final assessment to ensure the site fulfils your specifications.

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We Use The Latest Tech and Equipment

AMB Earthworks has the latest equipment, fully maintained, to give you the best results on your job. You can hire excavators, dozers and bobcats, all with the latest technology in GPS machine control. We have GPS Rovers to measure features on a building site with supreme accuracy.

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What types of projects typically require professional site levelling services?

Professional site levelling services are essential for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Construction: Whether you’re building a residential home, commercial building, or a car park, site levelling is vital for creating a stable foundation.
  • Landscaping: Levelling the ground is essential to create visual appeal in landscape design, ensure proper drainage and provide a safe environment for outdoor activities.
  • Gardening: Achieving a level surface is the bedrock for successful gardening projects, allowing for proper planting, irrigation, and overall aesthetics.

How is the cost of site levelling determined, and what factors affect it?

The cost of site levelling can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The size of the required area.
  • Terrain complexity such as slopes, uneven ground or obstacles.
  • Ease of access to the site for equipment transportation.
  • Deeper levelling may require excess soil or material removal.
  • Additional services e.g. drainage installation or soil stabilisation if needed.

What safety standards and regulations are in place for site levelling work?

At AMB Earthworks, we prioritise safety and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations to provide a secure working environment for our team and clients.

  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations: These regulations outline the legal requirements for workplace health and safety, including risk assessments, hazard management, and safety training.

Environmental Regulations: Ground levelling activities must comply with environmental regulations to minimise the impact on surrounding ecosystems, including soil erosion control and waste management.

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CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business

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