AMB Earthworks have been trusted with many civil projects in and around Tamworth and the North Western region.

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Excavation Contractors Tamworth

If you have a big job that needs a big hole dug, you don’t want ten men with shovels. You need one of AMB’s excavators. For small drainage trenches, large pool or foundation works, we have the excavation expertise and the best machinery in New South Wales.

Our dedicated team will make the excavator hire quick and easy to help get your project on track and on budget.

Why Choose AMB Earthworks For Your Excavation Needs


All our equipment at AMB, including our excavators, utilise the latest technology. We run full GPS applications with our equipment, so we know precisely where to dig and where to concrete.

When you need more from your crew, we have our own concreters, so you only need to deal with one business to get a job completed, to the highest of standards.

Our excavation services include:


Commercial excavation

You hire us for site excavation and bulk earthworks, with follow-up concreting for sidewalks and car parks.


Industrial excavation

We love the challenge of big jobs and industrial works; let us show you our skill and expertise. Includes site prep, big earth excavation, trench digging and more.


Government and council excavation

We are a trusted partner for a wide range of Tamworth civil works. We’ve helped with subdivision and site prep, road construction and pipe laying, steep slope stabilisation and more.


Private construction excavation

If you need the big guns to help you with your residential block of land, we’re the excavation experts in Tamworth and beyond.


Civil construction excavation

If you want a big job done right, you need AMB. We can do detailed excavation work, site preparation, concreting and more, all on time and on budget.

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Let AMB Earthworks take the heavy-lifting out of your project.

Bulk Excavation

We’ve got the expertise, and the equipment, for commercial projects on every scale. Everything from industrial sites to shopping complexes, carparks and more.

Detailed Excavation

You need a gentle touch sometimes, and detailed excavation is what you need.

Site clearing and levelling, and trenches for footings and foundations need detailed and precise excavations. AMB has the tools and the team for that.

Trench Excavation

Trench digging is often harder than you think. Many people think they can get a pick and shovel and dig a trench themselves. They don’t often realise how deep they might have to dig, or how much earth they need to move.

Trench excavators are excellent. You can have a trench dug, three or four meters deep, in no time at all.

Excavator Hire Tamworth

AMB Hire in Tamworth is your one-stop shop for all your excavation needs. We do wet and dry hire of our equipment, so you can save time and money.

Dry hire is where you can hire the equipment and work it yourself.

Wet hire is when you hire the equipment and an operator from us. We’ve found many customers prefer wet hire as it saves them a lot of time on their projects by using the skilled team from AMB. This, in turn, saves them money by being on time and on budget with their projects.

Our Other Services:

Civil Earthworks

AMB Earthworks have been trusted with many civil projects in and around Tamworth and the North Western region.

We can help councils with road construction, site preparation for construction, steep slope stabilisation, and more. AMB is here to help the community. Read more

Commercial Services

We have big machines for big jobs. If you’re building a shopping centre and car park, or have an industrial park on the board, AMB Earthworks are the team you need.

Site excavation and bulk earthworks, we can help with trenching and drainage, footings, piers and so much more.

Residential Services

Do you need some help on your land, clearing up your block, or readying it for new construction?

AMB can help you quick smart. Get professional assistance with demolition and site clearance, breaking up concrete or laying new concrete. Then we clear your land and remove pesky stumps.

Have a chat with our expert team and tell us what you need. Read more

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Civil Earthworks




What Does Excavation Cost at AMB Earthworks?

There is no set price for excavation with AMB Earthworks. Each job is unique, and we want to give you the best price for each job. We don’t believe in putting everyone into the one price box. That does not reflect the work we do, nor the value we provide you.

To get started, so we can survey the job and begin to quote you, contact us and let’s get talking.

Why is Excavation Important?

Excavation is required, so you have the base for solid foundations when you build. Without expert excavation, you will have uneven ground, and your foundations will not sit flush. This will cause structural problems in the future.

How Long Does an Excavation Project Take?

A professional excavation job from AMB Earthworks will not be a rush job, we can assure you of that. The time taken to complete an excavation job will depend on the size of the job. The bigger the job site, the longer the excavation.

The sooner you talk to us, the sooner we can get out the site and begin.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

If you’ve got a big job, we’ve got the big machines. You can hire and drive yourself- dry hire, or have one of our experts do the work for you- wet hire.

Drop us a line, and let’s start planning the next big dig.

CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business

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