You can rely on the team from AMB Earthworks to do a good job, which is what you want.

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Residential Earthworks and Services

If you’re looking to put a new shed in your backyard or want some concrete removal so you can redo your driveway, these are big jobs that need specialist help.

Are you ready for a house demolition of your current property, or do you need to prepare your land for development?

AMB Earthworks have the talent and experience to help you with your home projects. You can have expert excavators and concreters from the same company. No need to run around finding help from shops all over town.

Why Choose AMB Earthworks For Your Residential Needs


We are local to Tamworth and known throughout the New England area.  We operate the latest machinery with GPS precision.

We’re here to help you when your home project needs the big tools.

If you’re demolishing a house or need help clearing land because of floods or fire, our team of experts are here to lend you a hand.

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Let AMB Earthworks take the heavy-lifting out of your project.


House Demolition

AMB is one of the best demolition contractors in NSW. We are thorough with our work and can have your site ready for new construction in no time. We removed all the debris from your site as well.


Site clearance and preparation

Once we’ve demolished the property, we can clear the site and get it set for the next project.

Alternatively, if you have a block of land that needs vegetation cleared, we can do that too. Then we can prep the site for construction for you.


Under-house excavation

Some homes need to be restumped, and you need to get under there to do it. AMB can excavate under your home to help with this. Our expert team can delicately excavate without damaging your home.


Rock breaking and foundations

It’s easier to move small rocks and gravel than big boulders. AMB can break up big rocks on your property for transport, or for gravel fill for you.


Preparing ground for concrete slab

It is incredibly important when laying a concrete slab that the ground is prepared perfectly. It needs to be level and smooth so the concrete is laid right, the first time.

AMB Earthworks have in-house concrete contractors, so we know just how to prepare the ground for concrete, and then can lay the concrete.


Concrete removal

The advantage to having concreters in-house is that not only can they lay good concrete, but they’re also experts when it comes time to remove it.

We can come in, break up and remove the concrete, and clean the site. Rely on us to get the job done right the first time.

AMB Earthworks, Residential. Demolition.

Quality Residential Excavation and Earthworks Services


You can rely on the team from AMB Earthworks to do a good job, which is what you want. We’ve had years of experience operating the machinery and equipment, so you won’t get rookie mistakes when it comes to working around your home.


It is a satisfying feeling knowing you can talk to AMB Earthworks, tell them what you need, and let the professionals complete the job to the highest standards.


Driveway cutting

Cutting the concrete for a driveway is a heavy-duty business. You can use a diamond blade or a jackhammer, sledgehammers, and more. Who knows what tools you’ll need for the job?

Luckily AMB Earthworks have all the tools you need. Better to have them and not need them, we say.

Our expert concreters can sum up the situation and use the right tools for the job to cut your driveway and make it ready.


Stump removal services

If you’re clearing land, chances are some of the bigger trees will leave hard-to-remove stumps. 

Don’t waste hours, or even days, with axes and chainsaws. Let the experts in earth moving and excavation handle stump removal for you.


Retaining wall preparation

Retaining walls are used to hold back earth and to give height to land and property. It takes a lot of planning and hard work to ensure the wall won’t collapse under the weight of too much earth. You need to assess the nature of the ground and the space you’re in, to see how much prep needs to happen before the wall is built.

AMB Earthworks can clear the land, stabilise the slope, and make sure that when the wall is built, it stays built.


Post hole boring

Are you building a fence? Need a lot of fence post holes bored for you? Give AMB Earthworks a call, and we can deliver a post-hole boring machine that can do a line of fence holes in no time flat.


Landscaping Tamworth

Wanting to spruce up your yard, get some trees in, or green up your house? Our excavation team are the perfect people to help clear your land, deliver some soil, sod or rocks, and help you bring greenery to your home.

AMB Earthworks will help with your landscaping in Tamworth and all over New England.

Our Other Services:

Civil Earthworks

AMB Earthworks is the trusted name for civil projects in and around Tamworth and the North Western region.

We have helped councils with road construction, site preparation for building, steep slope stabilisation, and more. AMB is here to help your community.

Commercial Services

We have big machines for big jobs. If you’re constructing a shopping centre and car park or have an industrial park in the works, AMB Earthworks are the team you need.

We specialise in site excavation and bulk earthworks; we can help with trenching and drainage, footings, piers, and so much more.

Residential Services

AMB Earthworks are masters when it comes to excavating. We have the best equipment and the best team to help you clear land, dig trenches, and more.

You can dry hire our excavators and operate them yourself if you’re licenced. Or you can wet-hire, and have one of our team operate the excavator for you.

Drop into Tamworth and visit our store, or connect with us online to find out how much we can help you with our quality excavation services.

Try Our Other Services

Civil Earthworks



Leave the heavy lifting to us

You want the best excavating contractors and concreters in the business working on your site, and that’s who we are. Drop us a line or an email and tell us about your big project, and we’ll tell you how we can make it an easy job for you.

CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business

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