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Contract Crushing and Screening Services in Tamworth

AMB Earthworks offers contract crushing and screening services to meet your construction or earthworks project specifications.

We can provide crushing and screening equipment and experienced operators for a wide scale of projects in the Gunnedah and Tamworth areas.

Why Choose Our Contract Crushing and Screening Services?


AMB Earthworks has the most technologically advanced fleet of equipment and experienced operators who adhere to industry safety standards to protect workers, clients, and the project site.

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. This means your project is finished on time and on target for a fair price.

What Is Contract Crushing?

Crushing is the process of compressing large rocks with a machine called a crusher that applies strong force.

Our contract crushing services will take large rocks, aggregates, and other raw materials and crush them into smaller pieces. These pieces can then be screened into different sizes and grades depending on your project.

What is Contract Screening?

Screening is a filtering and separating process that takes the usable material from the heap and makes it the desired size for construction.

Contract crushing and screening are essential components of construction and earthworks that happen before construction begins.

Our Contract Crushing and Screening Services Includes:

AMB Earthworks contract crushing and screening services can assist you with projects of any scope. Our equipment and operators are available for contracted work.

Our services include concrete aggregates, manufactured sand, screened coal, and contract crushing and screening equipment hire.

Concrete Aggregates

Aggregate concrete is created by removing the cement’s top layer to expose the underlying aggregate, a durable material with a raw look. There are several types of aggregates in different shapes and sizes that can be added to concrete.

We specialise in producing high-quality concrete aggregates that are precisely graded and sized for strong, durable concrete structures.


Manufactured Sand

Sand produced from crushing rock or processing the by-products of materials from crushing machines is known as manufactured sand.

We produce manufactured sand using advanced crushing and screening equipment for consistent quality and gradation.

Screened Coal

Screening is used to separate different sizes of crushed coal. In this process, coarse and fine coal is separated to accommodate specific industrial usage.

Our screening machines guarantee that coal meets strict quality standards.

Contract Crushing and Screening Equipment

Our fleet of crushing and screening equipment includes crushers, screens, and loaders, to name a few. These machines allow for the efficient processing of materials on-site.

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What is the process of contract crushing?

Contract crushing involves the onsite processing of materials at your project site.

What is the difference between crushing and milling?

Milling is the process of grinding materials into finer particles, whereas crushing breaks large materials down into smaller sizes.

What type of equipment can be hired for contract crushing?

Mobile jaw crushers, recycling impact crushers, cone crushers, screening plants, excavators, size loaders, and more are available for hire for contract crushing.
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business

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