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Civil Earthworks Tamworth

AMB has worked on many civil construction projects around Tamworth and the New England Table Top. We’ve helped with bulk earthworks, excavation, road construction, kerb and gutter work and footpaths.

People continue to return to AMB for the friendly expert service they receive, and we have our own concreters to help with laying paths or foundations. No need to find contractors elsewhere. AMB Earthworks has it all under one roof.

Who We Are

AMB Earthworks are the premier earthworks and concreting company in Tamworth. We can help you with your , commercial earthworks, residential earthworks, and excavation in tamworth, all from the one reliable team.

We run the best equipment and tech, with full GPS machine control in all our excavators & dozers.

Who Our Services Are For

AMB Earthworks is here to help anyone with any small or large project, that needs land cleared, footpaths and pavement works, serious earthworks and more.

We’ve helped with flood clean-up works, clearing for bushfire mitigation, foundations for roadworks and more.

Our services are for you.

Our Civil Earthworks Services

Civil Earthworks

Assisting local governments in building infrastructures, such as roads, footpaths and car parks, including concreting work.

Bulk Earthworks

The removal or adding of large quantities of earth rock and soil for building works. This helps with the levelling of the land for suitable construction.

Road construction

This involves significant earthworks and grading to level the road, ready for base prep and pavement.

Pavements, Kerbs & Driveways

AMB Earthworks has its own team of concreters who can prepare and lay concrete for pavements, roadside kerbs and driveways.

Concrete Works

AMB Earthworks has its own team of skilled concrete contractors to help you with pavement, ramps and more.

Flood Remediation, stormwater pit installation and drainage services

AMB Earthworks has been honoured to help in a range of council projects, including flood remediation earthworks and drainage services for the New England Tablelands.

Pipe laying

Earthmoving and trench digging to easily lay any sized pipes.

Land Subdivision Construction

Clearing a block of land, once sub-divided, for pending construction.

Site Preparation

Clearing trees and bushland, levelling out a construction site, digging trenches for pipe laying and more. Need a concrete driveway?

Renewable energy projects

AMB Earthworks has worked on solar farms and wind farms, and other renewable energy projects, looking toward a brighter future for Australia.

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AMB Earthworks, Tamworth, NSW Australia. Technology.

We Use The Latest Tech and Equipment

AMB Earthworks has the latest equipment, fully maintained, to give you the best results on your job. You can hire excavators, dozers and bobcats, all with the latest technology in GPS machine control. We have GPS Rovers to measure features on a building site with supreme accuracy.

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What Does Civil Earthworks Cost at AMB Earthworks?

The cost for civil earthworks is not a set price. Factors to consider is the size of the project, the estimated time given to complete, and the amount of equipment AMB will need to supply to complete on time and on budget.

To talk about the project and get a price estimate, contact us today.

Why are Civil Earthworks Important?

Civil earthworks serve the community. Building roads, helping to construct community centres, maintaining car parks and such.

AMB Earthworks help maintain the infrastructure you use every day. All the bridges and parks which you use every day, are thanks to civil construction teams, including AMB Earthworks.

How Long Does A Civil Earthworks Project Take?

The size of a project will determine how long it will take to complete. Constructing a park and playground with a toilet block will take far less time than building a bridge, for example.

Of course, the sooner you speak to a contractor, the quicker a project can start and the sooner a project can be successfully completed.

Get in touch with AMB Earthworks, and we can give you a quote of price and time, for your project.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

When you have a project, big or small, that needs earthmoving, concreting, or some muscle, get in touch with the reliable team at ABH Earthmovers today.

AMB Earthworks, Tamworth, NSW Australia. Truck.
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business

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