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AMB Earthworks offers excavator-for-hire services that include commercial, residential, and industrial projects, including dry and wet excavation. We offer a variety of excavator sizes and types to suit any project, as well as other equipment such as bulldozers, graders, loaders, and dump trucks.

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What Is An Excavator Hire?

An excavator hire refers to a variety of excavation services for commercial, industrial, government/council, and private and civil construction projects. An excavator is a heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, dipper, bucket, and cab on a rotating platform known as the “house”. An excavator hire allows you to rent an excavator for a specific time.

Why Choose AMB Earthworks For Your Excavator Hire Needs


For heavy-duty jobs that require heavy machinery, you need equipment that you can rely on to get the job done. That’s where AMB Earthworks comes in. Our dedicated team makes excavator hire quick and easy so you can get your project underway, all while staying within your budget.
We have excavators with technologically advanced equipment, our own concreters, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable staff that adhere to safety standards and legal compliance.

Types of Excavator Hire Service We Offer

We offer a variety of excavator hire services to meet the needs of any project, big or small. Our diverse fleet of equipment and our highly skilled team will ensure your project is on time and on target.
Depending on your expertise, you may need either a dry-hire excavator or a wet-hire excavator.

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Dry Hire Excavator

A dry-hire excavator is an excavator that is rented without an operator. This type of rental is usually reserved for construction companies and other businesses that already have their own operators. While typically cheaper than wet hire excavators, dry hire is only suitable for experienced operators with the required training and qualifications.

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Wet Hire Excavator

A wet-hire excavator, also called excavator hire with operator, is an excavator that includes an operator. This type of rental offers several advantages, including convenience, safety, and peace of mind. If you are a business without qualified operators, you can use one of our highly skilled operators to assist with your excavation needs.

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For those looking to undertake excavation projects in the Tamworth area, look no further than AMB Earthworks. No project is too big or small, and we have a large fleet to tackle jobs of any size. Contact us today for a free quote.

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If you have big plans and need help making them come true, give us a call. We can talk project size, give you a free quote, and reassure you that hiring AMB Earthworks is the right decision.


Can you explain the different types and sizes of excavators available for hire?

We have mini, midi, and standard-sized excavators available for commercial, industrial, government, private and civil construction projects. The type and size of the excavator needed depends on the scope of the project.

We will have a conversation with you, and give you a free, no-obligation quote.

What industries and projects commonly utilise excavator rental services?

Excavators are essential for many construction projects, including site preparation, foundations, footings, slabs, trenching, and demolition. Excavators are also used in road construction, bridge construction, and other large-scale infrastructure projects.

How do I determine the right excavator size and specifications for my project?

The best way to determine the right excavator size and specifications for your project would be to contact us and receive a free consultation that will outline the specifics of your needs.

CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business

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