If you have a big commercial job in the works, and you need someone to take the lead on-site, or you would like to sub-contract to us, we can help.

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Commercial Excavation & Earthworks Tamworth

AMB Earthworks are industry leaders in excavation and earthmoving. Our team of trained professionals can help you with your big commercial projects, preparing the site for construction, digging trenches and post holes and more.

If you have your own team, you can just hire the excavators you need and work the tools yourself.

Commercial Excavation Tamworth


AMB Earthworks is an industry-leading construction company based in Tamworth but operating throughout the New England region. We have the latest equipment and technology, a highly trained team on the tools and years of experience to offer you.

Our customers enjoy dealing with our friendly and professional staff, who understand timelines and deadlines and collaborate with you to ensure your projects are completed on time and budget.

Our Commercial Earthworks Services:

If you have a big commercial job in the works, and you need someone to take the lead on-site, or you would like to sub-contract to us, we can help. AMB Earthworks can become an integral part of your team, excavating and earth moving, preparing your site for a new shopping mall and car park, trench digging for an industrial complex, whatever you need.

We can help you with any commercial work in and around Tamworth and the New England area, AMB E earthworks have the people, and the equipment, to make your job smooth and uncomplicated. 

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Let AMB Earthworks take the heavy-lifting out of your project.

Site excavation Tamworth

Commercial site excavation is where we clear the land and level the area, ready for concreting or other development. We can dig foundations, trenches for plumbing works and auger drill work for post holes and more.

If you have plans for any commercial construction in and around Tamworth, let us know.

Find out more on our excavation page.

Bulk earthworks Tamworth

For the big jobs, such as prepping for an office block or shopping centre, you need bulk earthworks, and AMB Earthworks are your go-to team.

We can provide the digging tools and excavators with the team to help. Our guys are qualified with years of experience to bring to every project.

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Base preparation

This is the first step in preparing a site for construction. We clear detritus, scrub and rocks and more. AMB clears and removes the debris, so you don’t have to, and we level the area, readying it for the next stage in commercial construction.

Drainage services

Draining is an important part of commercial construction works. If a site gets too much water and can’t get rid of it, it could delay or even stop the construction project altogether.

AMB Earthworks have had a lot of experience in and around Tamworth with commercial construction and the drainage requirements on site.


This is the digging of a narrow trench, done by our excavating teams. If you’re excavating a site and the length of the hole is greater than the depth, it is considered a trench.

These are used for laying foundations, or for plumbing and pipework.

AMB Earthworks uses GPS technology to precisely dig trenches to exact lengths. This saves time and money on measuring and digging more, or trying to fill in when you’ve dug too far.

Laser grading

Laser grading is a precise method to grade a surface flat. A laser is set at a fixed point and sent to a receiver on the grading plane. This technology ensures a precise grade.

AMB Earthworks uses the latest technology to deliver you the highest quality work, the first time.

Auger / drilling / screw piles

The team at AMB Earthworks are also experts when it comes to concreting. Auger drilling is what we do when installing concrete building piles. They are generally used for above-ground structures to stabilise and anchor them to the earth.

Auger drilling is also quiet, so it is preferred when commercial construction occurs in built-up areas.

Excavation haulage & disposal

AMB Earthworks will always keep the worksite clean and tidy. All the dirt and rock and shrubbery we clear when excavating and earthmoving, we will remove off-site and dispose of ethically.

You don’t need to worry about a thing. You will get a well-prepared site, free of clutter.

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Leave the heavy lifting to us!

If you have big plans and need help making them come true, give us a call. We can talk project size, give you a free quote, and reassure you that hiring AMB Earthworks is the right decision.


What Does Commercial Excavation Cost at AMB Earthworks?

We can’t give you a set figure for commercial excavation work over the phone. We need to consider the size of the project, the time it may take to complete, and the amount of equipment needed. You may have qualified drivers as well, which could save you money. If you need concreting, we can supply that as well, which, again, could save you more money.

We will have a conversation with you, and give you a free, no-obligation quote.

Why is Commercial Excavation Important?

Unlike residential work, commercial excavation is a big operation, often with larger and heavier buildings to be constructed—usually a mix of steel and concrete foundations, as opposed to a lighter, wooden-framed house.

This requires different techniques, deeper holes to drill for foundations and pylons, and other hazards to consider.

If you’re doing commercial excavation in a built-up area, you must consider the buildings around your site. You don’t want to accidentally damage a neighbour’s plumbing, or foundation, through the excavation process.

What is Commercial Excavation?

It is the excavation of a building site for non-residential reasons. This could be for the construction of a shopping mall, a multi-level car park, or an office complex.

CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business
CCF, Certified NSW Business

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