Flood Disaster Recovery Work – Mid-Coast NSW

The extensive flooding which recently devastated large parts of New South Wales continues to affect the environment in many ways. That includes a huge amount of rubbish and debris which has been swept down waterways from inland NSW and strewn all over riverbanks, beaches and throughout suburban areas. It goes without saying that all of this debris doesn’t just look terrible, but it is pretty risky in terms of health and safety!

Cleanup operations are underway all over the state and we’re proud to say that AMB Earthworks have been taking part in some very important operations. The state government has contracted us to manage the sorting of rubbish and debris on three sites; Kempsy, Port Macquarie and Taree region.

Throughout the process, trucks have brought in huge amounts of rubbish and waste from cleanup sites across the state. Once it’s been dumped in the area, we’ve been sorting the debris into piles based on the different materials we come across. That’s included piles for steel, wood waste, appliances and more. Safe to say our earthworks experience, excavators and posi-tracks have come in more than handy.

Sorting the waste into various piles makes it much easier to ensure the materials are disposed of sustainably. That means bits and pieces of metal, wood, plastic and appliances can be taken directly to the right facility and recycled, which is obviously a much better result than simply dumping all of this flood-debris into landfill.

It’s been a pleasure contributing to this project and using our machinery, gear and know-how to help with the flood clean-up operation. Our excavators and posi-tracks are available for hire for a wide range of jobs. To chat, get in touch with us here.